2015 National Championship Special Awards


The top player in each round robin division is named an All-Star. Students must compete in at least 3 of their team's 5 games to be eligible. The All-Stars are the top players by average points scored per game. Honda awards their institutions an additional $1,000 grant.





Points Per Game

James W. Johnson   Scotty White West Virginia 68
Robert Abbott   Emily Lancaster Kentucky State 48
William Still   Brannon Billings Prairie View A&M 60
Mary Mahoney   Donald Hollis Alabama A&M 52
Marcus Garvey   D'ondre Swails Morehouse 58
Effa Manley   Kimberlyn Elliot Florida A&M 52
Bessie Coleman   Erik Shelquist Harris-Stowe 46
Louis Armstrong   Jonah Levell Southern - New Orleans 60

Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson

Each year, a very special player is given the HCASC Sportsperson Award. It is one of our most prestigious individual awards made so by the fact that the recipient is selected by you, the players.

Named for one of our early volunteers who mentored students in the program, the Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson Award epitomizes team spirit, camaraderie, good sportsmanship and academic focus.

Rosalyn Jones presented the annual sportsperson award:

"Tonight's recipient has a voice that has surely been hear all around the HCASC world.  His good spirit before, during and after matches and his interaction with other teams and players epitomized sincerity and cordiality.  Even in the midst of some of the toughest matches in his division, he managed to ease the tension in games and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the room. 

He already has a keen understanding of the word team, and couple that with his infectious personality, he stood out as a leader amongst his peers.  It gives me great honor to present to you this year's Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson of the Year Award... from Livingstone College, Senior Political Science Major from Saginaw, Michigan... 'The Voice', Mr. Justin Walker."

Justin Walker, Livingstone College

Coach of the Year

This award is presented to a coach who stands out among his or her peers. Coaches are involved in the selection, direction, instruction and training of a team. An HCASC coach can also serve as parent, guardian, mentor and teacher. Many of our HCASC coaches serve for many years impacting the lives of hundreds of players and often without recognition or reward.

This year's award recipient introduction:

"Those who know her best describe her as the greatest multi-tasker they have ever known.  She is said to be as dedicated to Honda as she is to her position in the Educational Talents Search Office.  She often does it far beyond the normal hours of operation, using her lunch hour for planning sessions and her weekends for practices.  Her team is her family.  She is a natural competitor, refusing to lose at anything, and this passion for winning permeates throughout the work ethic of each of her players.  She expects the best, and if you play for her, you're going to know what it means to win.  Even her own son, currently a student at her HBCU and a campus HCASC participant, has yet to make Coach's traveling team.  

She has created a real sense of togetherness throughout the entire university community, doing as much with her team outside of the campus as she does within it.  She has inspired other students to get involved with Honda, and she has single-handedly made the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge an integral part of her institution's culture.

It is my privilege and my honor to present the 2015 Honda Coach of the Year Award to Southern University - New Orleans Coach, Ms. Amelia Sellers."
Amelia Sellers, Southern University - New Orleans