2017 National Championship Special Awards


The top player in each round robin division is named an All-Star. Students must compete in at least 3 of their team's 5 games to be eligible. The All-Stars are the top players by average points scored per game. Honda awards their institutions an additional $1,000 grant.






Games Played

Points Per Game

Oscar Micheaux   Ibukum Ayo-Durojaiye Bowie State Univ. 170 3 56.67
Robert Abbott   J’Neia Stewart Prairie View A&M Univ. 280 5 56.00
William Still   Nayirah Myhammad Fisk Univ. 280 5 56.00
Rebecca Crumpler   Joyner Deamer Southern Univ.-Baton Rouge 250 4 62.50
Eugene Bullard   Chelsea Parker Howard Univ. 250 5 50.00
A. Philip Randolph   Aubrey Upshur Florida A&M Univ. 270 5 54.00
Bessie Coleman   Xavier Alexander Tuskegee Univ. 280 5 56.00
Louis Armstrong   Sesly Huerfano Oakwood Univ. 270 5 54.00

Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson

Each year, a very special player is given the HCASC Sportsperson Award. It is one of our most prestigious individual awards made so by the fact that the recipient is selected by you, the players.

Named for one of our early volunteers who mentored students in the program, the Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson Award epitomizes team spirit, camaraderie, good sportsmanship and academic focus.

Rosalyn Jones presented the annual sportsperson award:

It is an honor for me to present this award to a very special Sportsperson Awardee.  As a passionate game player, this young man has thrown himself into the entire HCASC experience. In win-or-lose situations with his team, he showed great poise in interacting with both the team players and the game room officials. Granted, he could sometime be a little excitable, but he demonstrated his eagerness to play the game with every fiber of his being.

After expressing his sadness about being an HCASC player for the last time, this young man is already excited about and looking forward to applying for an HCASC volunteer position in the future.  This year’s awardee is a shining example of what is best about this competition and the students who are a part of it.  It is my pleasure to present the 2017 Ernest C. Jones Sportsperson Award, from North Carolina Central University, Mr. DJ Medearis.

Damian J., Medearis, North Carolina Central Univ.

Coach of the Year

This award is presented to a coach who stands out among his or her peers. Coaches are involved in the selection, direction, instruction and training of a team. An HCASC coach can also serve as parent, guardian, mentor and teacher. Many of our HCASC coaches serve for many years impacting the lives of hundreds of players and often without recognition or reward.

This year's award recipient introduction:

Back on campus, this year's HCASC Coach of the Year is one of THE main sources of support to the students. Working long nights and weekends, the honoree is a proud Dean 11 year HCASC coach.
This coach goes to extraordinary lengths to train and support the entire HCASC team; helping to create knowledge, continuously building up the team spirit and nicknames, and making sure all players are competition ready, including having the flyest outfits for the NCT.  This coach instills in the students that everything is done “for the honor.”

Our coach also boasts numerous recognitions and awards honoring an unwavering commitment to student success and to the HCASC program specifically. Now it is our turn to celebrate the 2017 HCASC Coach of the Year, from Bowie State University, Dean Robert Batten.   
Dean Robert Batten, Bowie State University with Dr. Monika Gross