HCASC Online Game Login & Instructions

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Who Can Play:
The HCASC Online Games are open to all, not just current HCASC players. Please register only once! If we find a person registered under multiple aliases we will delete their registrations and in extreme cases, we reserve the right to ban users (by name, login or ip address, etc.).

How To Play:
Each Online Game has 2 rounds: A Face-Off/Bonus round (untimed) and an Ultimate Challenge round (timed, 1 minute).

Face-Off/Bonus Round:
There are 4 Face-Off and Bonus categories. Each category has 3 Face-Offs and related Bonus questions (12 pairs).
-- If you answer a Face-Off correctly, you score 10 points and play a 2-part Bonus question worth 20 points.
-- Answer a Face-Off wrong and there is no Bonus question. You select the category for the next question.

Ultimate Challenge Round:
Each Ultimate Challenge round has 10 questions in a specific category. Each question is worth 50 points.
-- The Ultimate Challenge round is a 1-minute timed round. so answer or "pass" on a question fast!
-- After attempting all 10 questions, if time remains you may try missed questions again until the clock hits 0.

For assistance or if you have forgotten your password, email us or call us at 800-388-2272 x100.