Grants from Honda

Grants are provided to all institutions who complete NCT Part 1 Qualification.

The HBCUs which complete NCT Part 1 Qualification, but do not advance to the NCT receive a $1,000 grant as a Campus Qualifier.

For schools advancing to the National Championship, the amount of their school's grant is determined by how far its team advances at the NCT. The allocation of grants within the "tournament ladder" is:

  • ROUND ROBIN: Teams eliminated receive $3,000 each. At this point, the final 16 teams advance to the "Sweet Sixteen"
  • PLAY-OFFS QUALIFIERS: 8 teams eliminated receive $6,000 each
  • QUARTER FINALISTS: 4 teams eliminated receive $10,000 each
  • SEMI FINALISTS: 2 teams eliminated receive $15,000 each
  • RUNNER-UP: receives $25,000
  • CHAMPION: receives $50,000
  • ALL-STARS: 8 institutions receive $1,000 each
  • SPECIAL AWARD: 1 institution receives $1,000 for sportsperson

Grants are distributed to the HBCUs (i.e.: not to the players and coach).