Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) brings together the whole campus community -- students, faculty, administration and alumni. 

The Q & A game combines academic material, popular culture and sports in a format emphasizing quick recall. African American history and culture is prominently featured in the questions.

HCASC is a year-round program with three levels of play-- Campus, National Qualifying Tournaments, and the National Championship Tournament.

  • Summer into Fall: Starting at orientation, undergraduate students are recruited to try out for the HCASC Club or campus tournament. Power Search quizzes are used to assess each student's knowledge base.¬†

  • Fall: Top players are invited to join the HCASC Club or play in the campus tournament. The club meets for drills & training, game practice and social events throughout the fall term. If a campus tournament is held, it must be done in October.

    HBCUs report their progress with recruitment (Power Search Scores & HCASC Club/Tournament roster) and readiness (HCASC Club or campus tournament scoresheets).

  • January: The coach names the National Championship Tournament (NCT) Team (four players) and team members complete online registration.

  • February: National Qualifying Tournaments (NQTs) are held .

    The teams for the NCT are named the week after the National Qualifying Tournaments, based on performance at those tournaments, to balance the field and to afford an NCT experience to all participating HBCUs every few years. Note that Coaches may change players (with no change fees) until after the NQTs.

  • April: The HBCUs which qualify attend the National Championship Tournament, held in Los Angeles, California April 6-10, 2024.
Get in touch with your HBCUs history in the program and campus contacts:
Since 1989, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) has celebrated the rich educational legacy of our HBCUs and donated over $8 millions in grants to improve the college experience for our outstanding students.

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    If you have any questions please call HCASC Headquarters (800-388-2272 x100).