What's a webinar? A webinar is a group discussion via conference call that is synched with an online presentation viewable through a Web browser. Participants can view materials, listen in, and actively participate.

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Topic Date(s) Audience
Being Knowledge Ready

What players need to know and how to apply that knowledge with an emphasis on web resources.

Tues., 09/27/2016, 6:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486846

Thur., 09/29/2016, 11:00 am EST; Meeting ID 33486694

Wed., 10/05/2016, 7:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486706

Coaches & Players
Practice, Practice, Practice

Drills, writing questions, and playing games

Wed., 09/28/2016, 7:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486750

Tues., 10/04/2016, 6:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486778

Thur., 10/06/2016, 12:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486798

Coaches & Players

Welcome to HCASC

Session is to help jump start your year. It's an introduction if you're a newbie and refresher for those returning.

Tues., 09/20/2016, 6:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486722

Wed., 09/21/2016, 7:00 pm EST; Meeting ID 33486730

Thur., 09/22/2016, 11:00 am EST; Meeting ID 33486738

Campus Coordinators and Coaches