Qualifying for the NCT

Qualification is done in 2 steps:
Part 1 involves your campus program (deadline is February 12, 2021).
Part 2 involves registration of your team for the NCT (deadline is February 26, 2021).

Part 1 Qualification Options

OPTION 1: Power Search + HCASC Club

  • Conduct Power Search quiz(zes) with at least 100 students (for HBCUs with less than 750 students, the minimum is 50).
  • Submit the Player List (including scores for a minimum of 100 students unless, as above, your undergrad population is less than 750) along with a roster identifying members of the HCASC Club (a minimum of 12 members).
  • Submit scoresheets from 7 games using the campus games received in September.

OPTION 2: Power Search + Campus Tournament

  • Conduct Power Search quiz(zes) with at least 75 students (for HBCUs with less than 750 students, the minimum is 50).
  • Hold a campus tournament with a minimum of 8 teams (24 players). Submit an accurate tournament chart and all scoresheets from the tournament (using games #11 - 22).
  • Submit the Player List from your Power Searches (including scores for a minimum of 75 students) and a complete Player List from the campus tournament.

There are additional requirements which apply to all options:

  • Submit the Online Campus Program Report.
  • Upload samples of your publicity materials. Publicity samples must refer to the program with its full and exact title (Honda Campus All-Star Challenge) and the official logo.

Click for more details on NCT Qualifiers Part 1 submissions required.

When you have your campus program underway, start preparing for NCT Qualifiers Part 2 submissions.

The selection of the institutions for the NCT is under review and will be announced soon.

Help is Available!

The HCASC Staff is available online, by phone and via email.

We also have Live Help available on our website.

If you do not understand a form or have difficulty in completing one, please ask for help.

There are HCASC Mentors in your area who can assist you. Don't be afraid to consult them.