HCASC Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage HCASC Player Alumni to become volunteers with the HCASC program and to serve as mentors for current student participants. There are oportunities at the Campus Tournaments, National Qualifying Tournaments (NQT) and the National Championship Tournament (NCT).

To be eligible for consideration as a volunteer trainee at a NQT, you must:

  • Wait 1 year after your last year as an NCT player. Many alums use that year to volunteer at a participating HBCU during their Campus Tournament or in conjunction with their Campus HCASC Club sessions.
  • Have mastered a game official position (moderator or computer scorekeeper).
  • Please note that due to budget limitations, funding for travel and/or housing to participate for an NQT is not available.

To be eligible for consideration as a NCT volunteer, you must:

  • Wait three years after your last year as an NCT player.
  • Have demonstrated mastery as a game official position (moderator or computer scorekeeper) at a National Qualifying Tournament (NQT).

To apply, complete the HCASC Volunteer Application. You will be contacted to explore openings for volunteer trainee positions at a NQT.

Make sure that we have your current contact information and join the HCASC LinkedIn group.

From one HCASC alum to another...

Charles Hobbs

I played my heart out for both Morehouse & FAMU, playing at the NCT for 4 years.

After law school, I helped out with the FAMU team and become a NCT volunteer, moderating at 8 NCTs. Now I am one of the HCASC National Championship Tournament volunteers.

Once HCASC is in your blood, it's there for life :-).

Let's all be there for our alma maters. It's our turn to give back!

Charles Hobbs