Starting an HCASC Club

Dr. Vivian L. Hobbs, the Florida A&M University coach, has the winningest record in HCASC, with 8 national championships to her credit. When we asked how she did it, her answer was: "I started an HCASC Club at FAMU."

Intrigued? It's easier to accomplish than you might think and once it is established it grows on its own! The following is a basic outline of the steps and considerations involved.

Club Essentials

Types of Club Activities

  • Membership is open to all -- past players, new players and students who don't play but serve other roles
  • Weekly sessions are held from the start of school until the end of the spring term
  • If the club is properly registered on campus, it can seek funding from SGA or Student Activities
  • The HCASC Club is student-driven but staff-facilitated
  • Weekly practice and drill sessions
  • Pizza Nights and other social experiences
  • Group viewing of TV shows, movies and documentaries
  • Member research reports
  • Rotating members through all game official roles
  • Board Game Night
  • Field Trips
  • Special games during campus events
  • Internet or Library Scavenger Hunt
  • Question writing session

Promoting HCASC Club Membership

Sustaining Club Member Interest

  • Look for members where you look for players
  • Invite strong players from the campus tournament and Power Search quizzes
  • Encourage potential members to come “try it out”
  • Use the club members as recruiters
  • Ask faculty for student recommendations
  • Pace & rotate activities throughout the year
  • Attend a Qualifying Tournament
  • Scrimmage with other nearby HBCUs
  • Have members help plan club meetings
  • Plan regular social activities
  • Hands on the buzzer time for all members