Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question on the website please email HCASC Staff or call us at 800-388-2272 x100.

All 4-year, degree-granting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in the continental United States. That is a pool of 89 institutions.

Institutional enrollment is open once a year over the summer. The HBCU president or chancellor must complete the enrollment form naming a campus coordinator. The invitation to enroll online are sent out by the HCASC office. Email HCASC Staff or call her toll-free at 800-388-2272 x115 for more enrollment information.

Your only costs are for local publicity and staging. The program supplies:

Game Play Database for use with:
Power Search quizzes
Campus Tournament
Academic team training

Online program resources and promotion materials, complete with ready-to-customize templates, promotional videos and the HCASC rap "Think Quick"

Additional questions to use in promotion, for radio call-in contests, weekly newspaper quizzes, on your scroller billboard and other uses

Coaching resources for team practice, tips, question information and more

Tools for training game officials

There are two ways to meet the campus game play requirement.

You may either:

1.  Conduct Power Search quiz(zes) with a minimum of 100 students (50 for HBCUs with 750 students or less) and have an HCASC Club
      with at least 12 members

2.  Conduct a campus tournament, open to all undergraduate students, with a minimum of 8 teams

For more information on NCT qualification requirements, consult the NCT Qualification Summary, NCT Qualification Part 1 Checklist and NCT Qualification Part 2 Checklist pages.

If you plan to qualify for the NCT by conducting a campus tournament, it must be run between October 1 and November 8, 2013.

A Power Search is a quick 20 question quiz which students can take to see what type of information is asked in HCASC questions. They give the coach a chance to assess the knowledge base of potential players.

A Power Search is conducted in written form and the sheets are scored. You can promote and run the Power Search in dormitories, in classrooms, at club, fraternity and sorority meetings, in the student union, etc.

We supply 10 Power Search quizzes, so it is possible to have a large number of students try out for HCASC.

The most widely used format is:

Single-Elimination: Each team plays until they have lost once. This format is the most economical but the least aggressive. The formula for games played is: x-1 where x is the number of teams. For 16 teams, 15 games will be played.

If you have a large number of teams, you can use a single-elimination tournament (in 2 rooms simultaneously) to reduce the number of teams to a smaller number and then have those "finalists" play the finals in a single room. If you need to recruit teams from various areas of the campus, you can run them as divisions, each leading to a champion. Then, the champions play off for the campus championship.

For more information on tournament formats,use the Online Tournament Calculator.

At the end of the summer, the Campus Game Play Database is sent with 30 or more games of material which is re-tooled from the previous 2 seasons. In late September, 12 new games are distributed for use in a Campus Tournament and/or for practice with your HCASC Club.

This depends upon the size of your program. The basic personnel checklist includes:

  • Registration personnel

  • Program officials (positions are often combined)

    • campus coordinator

    • coach

  • Game officials (this is the list for each simultaneous game room)
    • moderator/judge
    • eset/timer/announcer (optional)
    • corekeeper

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